Dr.Wichit Siritattarong, M.D. (Chularat 3 International Hospital)

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Dr.Wichit Siritattarong, M.D.

Hand Surgery Center (Microscopic Surgery)

Doctor Profile
Specialty Orthopaedic Surgery

     • Graduate From SirirajMedicalschool Faculty of
        Medicine MahidolUniversity (1982)

    • Orthopedic Training From Pramonkutklao Hospital (1988)

Working Experience
    • Maharaj Nakornrachasima hospital (1988 – 1989 )
    • Department of Orthopedics Surgery, Faculty or Medicine, Srinakarintarawiroth University (1990 – 1992 )
    • Start working at Chularat 3 International Hospital Iecturer of society of hand and microsurgery of Thailand (1992)

Current Position

    • Chief of hand and reconstructive microvascular surgery unit at Chularat 3 International Hospital Samutprahan
    • Committee of society of hand surgery Thailand
    • Committee of microsurgery Thailand

Schedule : Chularat 3 International Hospital

MON08:00 - 12:00 น.
WED10:00 - 17:00 น.
FRI10:00 - 17:00 น.
request an appointment : Chularat 3 International Hospital. Phone Number 02-033-2900

Dr.Wichit Siritattarong, M.D.

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