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Dr.Thee Theeraboonyakij

Neurology & Stroke Center

Doctor Profile
Specialty Neurosurgery

     - 1996-2002 M.D., Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Khonkean University, Thailand
     - 2007-2011 Neurosurgery Residency, Prasart Neurological Institute (PNI), Bangkok, Thailand
     - 2011 Neurosurgery Board Certification of Thailand
     1. Thesis: “Low Rate of Permanent Shunt Requirement and Satisfied Clinical Outcome in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients Using Prasat Neurological Institute Protocol”
     2. Thesis: The Result of Minimal Invasive Surgery with Humming-port for Spontaneous Intra-cerebral Hemorrhage.
     - 2012-2013 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Germany
     - 2013 Minimal invasive spine surgery course Hand on Workshop, Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Thailand
     - 2014 Endoscopic neurosurgery Work Shop , Chulalongkorn University

Work History
    - 2011- 2012 Staff at Prasart Neurological Institute ,Bangkok Thailand
    - 2012- Present Staff of Neurosurgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Srinakarinviroj University Thailand
    - 2012 – Present Chief of Neurosurgical Spine Center, Thai Royal Irrigation Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Srinakarinviroj University Thailand
    - 2012 – Present Neurosurgical Consultant, Vichaiyut Hospital Bangkok Thailand

   Brain Surgery
     > Traumatic Brain Injury
     > Stroke
     > Brain Tumor
     > Aneurysm, AVM
     > Minimal Invasive Brain surgery (Tumor, Hemorrhagic stroke)
     > Brain Surgery under Navigator and Miscroscope
     > Cranioplasty
     > Endoscopic Neurosurgery (Pituitary Adenoma, Brain tumor) Spine Surgery
     > Microdiscectomy
     > Transpedicular screws
     > Anterior Cervical plate and PEEK
     > Endoscopic discectomy
     > Facet Block
     > Vertebroplasty
     > Spinal cord Injury
     > Peripheral nerve entrapment

Current Position
   - Staff of Neurosurgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Srinakarinviroj University
   - Chief of Neuro-Spine Center, Thai Royal Irrigation Hospital
   - Neurosurgical Consultant, Vichaiyut Hospital, Bangkok
   - Board of Neurosurgery, Chularat 3 International Hospital, Samutprakarn




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