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The X- ray digital mammography is a way to detect early signs of breast abnormalities.
- A special type of x-ray machines, the recipient will receive a lower dose.
- Can distinguish fat and tissue clearly.
- Can detect cancer tissue at an early stage.
- A tool that provides accurate results and precision as high as 90 %.

           Breast Examination with Digital Mammogram and Ultrasound  can help detect abnormalities in the breast to detect the early stages of breast cancer, before symptoms occur, or use it to diagnose disease in women who are experiencing symtoms,such as the discovery of a lump,pain,or abnormal discharge from the nipple

           You will undergo both procedures at the same time to increase the accuracy of the examination that women over the age of 40 should undergo annual mammograms.

Preparing for the Mammogram
           1.Not recommended that you schedule your mammogram  during breast feeding  or when your breasts are tender or the week before you period begins because the procedure may cause more pain during this time than at other times. The best time for mammogram is one week after your period ends.

           2.Avoiding apply powder,deodorant or lotion in the area of your armpit or breasts area as these can appear as spots in the images capture by the mammogram,affecting your diagnosis.

           3.If you have undergo a mammogram before,please bring previous images and results for the radiologist to compare with you new result. Please arrive at the Radiology Department at least 15 minutes before your appointment to prepare for the mammogram

           4.If you suspect that you might be pregnant please inform the hospital officer or doctor before the mammogram

           5.If you have any problems, such as a lump or discharge from your nipple for no reason,please inform the technologist who will carry out the mammogram before the procedure.

           6.If you have undergone a breast augmentation you might sign a consent from before each examination as the mammogram can cause leakage,though the chances are very,very low.

Procedure  of mammogram
           1. Before the mammogram you will be asked to change into a hospital gown. Please remove the underwear , all  jewelry and all metal objects in the area that will be examined.

           2. The technologist will arrange the position and location of the location.Yous breast will be pressed between two plastic sheets of the machine,You breast will be pressed from top to bottom and then from the inside to the outside. Each time should last no more than one minutes.

           3. During the procedure you will feel the pressure from the plastic sheets.If you experience severe pain please inform the technologist immediately   However,it is very important and necessary to press the breasts to reduce its thickness,allowing for clearer and more through pictures of the breast. It also minimized the amount of radiation that you will receive.

           4.While the image are being captured the technologist will ask that you stay still and hold your breath for two or three seconds for the clearest images.

           5.After the Digital Mammogram ,The radiologist will check all the images. If the images captured are inadequate for a diagnosis, additional images may have to be captured  and ultrasound of the breast. This examination is plainless.

Procedure for Ultrasound of the Breast
Ultrasound of the breast by the radiologist

1. You will lie flat on your back with your arms raised over your head.
2.The radiologist will apply the gel on your breast. Then the transducer will be placed on your breast and then moved all over your breast.
3.During the ultrasound if the transducer is pressed against a tender area you may experience some pain
4.After the ultrasound the officer will wipe the gel from your skin.

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